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strategy and change management

... we take it very seriously to do it really well, because it secures the sustainability of your company

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We understand modern strategy development as a non-delegable, joint management performance of the entire company.

And the implementation of a new strategy already begins with its development!

This is why we integrate the key players - if possible from all areas of the organisation - in a consistent, lean process from the very beginning: the core questions of strategy development are answered and answered jointly. In this way, you achieve a maximum of objective wisdom together with a maximum of acceptance and willingness to implement!


... is always a powerful means to realise corporate strategy and corporate values

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  • is always a powerful means to realise corporate strategy and corporate values
  • is only as good as the organization succeeds in mastering the challenges facing the company.
  • must continue to develop in the same way as the demands placed on the company develop.
  • is always a concept, is always a hypothesis, is always a doctrine:

             "With which structure and process-organization can we achieve our vision and strategic goals in the future?

  • is therefore questioned and further developed with our clients at the right time: Namely, when the vision and values have been formulated and the strategic goals defined!

people and teams

... are in our focus - they make every successful enterprise possible

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The Professional Role

In the future, the professional role of employees will become the central field of development in companies: this is where the race for innovation, agility, top quality and attractiveness as an employer is lost or won!

We help you to develop and introduce modern personnel tools: The goal is to achieve a unique fit of "talent and development interest of employees", as well as "needs of the company“.


At the beginning of every change process, our approach does not focus on "smart content" - first and foremost, it is always about creating an excellent working basis in the (strategy) team:

This is not a nice "team-building workshop", it is a matter of getting down to business: Because only if there is a strong agreement on a common goal and a binding commitment by all to a common responsibility, then there is also joint and coordinated action in strategy development and implementation!

And a team only works excellently if the individuals work together constructively, are clearly aware of their impact and role in the team and establish good and supportive cooperation processes

New Work

... we understand as TRUE WORK

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New Work

  • means colourful, playful working environments and a home office?
  • means no hierarchy = no rules?
  • means agility and agility can be introduced as a method?

         NO. New Work is not just a change on the surface and not to be equated with self-reliance!


New Work means in our understanding

  • Working environments and processes that optimally support people in their FUTURE tasks
  • In essence, a change in the distribution of power: decisions are made much more frequently where they arise.
  • A target state in which complex tasks are processed as quickly as possible and independently under changing requirements.


New Work is an attitude that will be translated differently depending on the company. ToChange will work with you to develop this common attitude and the appropriate process to transform the essential elements of your management system accordingly. 

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